Gloria Govan Is Not Shocked About Being “Cut” from BBWLA
Posted by on Nov 2, 2012



In spite of VH1′s recent claims that no one has been fired from Basketball Wives LA, cast member Gloria Govan feels she’s on her way out.

TMZ caught up with Govan and asked her about the recent rumor that she, Malaysia Pargo, Brooke Bailey and her sister Laura would not be asked back for a third season.

“I kinda had a feeling, I guess. Because the producers and I weren’t on the same page from the get-go. It’s not that this is a surprise to it’s just the way that I guess they put it out there was a little more disappointing than anything… I guess my real life just wasn’t as exciting as it was supposed to be for the show,” Govan said.

The TMZ pap eluded to VH1 being upset with Govan for not inviting them to her wedding to now husband Matt Barnes. Govan coyly laughed before saying, “A lot of people weren’t invited to the wedding.  Honestly, we talked and I told them from day one  I wasn’t going to put my relationship out there… I’m just really disappointed in VH1 with the way it came out. ”

View the video to see what Govan had to say in it’s entirety. (If the video does not work, visit to watch).

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