Terrell Owens Faces-Off with Baby Mommas on ‘Dr. Phil’
Posted by on May 8, 2012


It’s no secret NFLer Terell Owens has had his share of woes over the years. From money issues to baby momma drama. Now T.O. is facing off with the mother of his kids on a brand new episode of Dr. Phil.

Owens will sit-down with Dr. Phil McGraw and the mothers of three of his children. They women claim Owens is a deadbeat dad who fails to see his kids, while Owens say they’re all golddiggers who only contact him for money.

Fans of The T.O. Show have seen Owens speak with his therapist about not meeting a son he fathered. But fans also got to see the wide-receiver hold a Princess Party for two of his girls.  Owens will set the record straight about the deadbeat dad allegations and more.

This episode of Dr. Phil with T.O airs today (May 8). Check your local listings for airtimes.

Photo via GETTY

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