Tyler Perry ‘Good Deeds’ Billboard Vandalized in LA
Posted by on Feb 22, 2012


Looks like some people aren’t a fan of Tyler Perry movies.

Perry’s new movie, Good Deeds starring Thandie Newton and Perry himself hits theaters this Friday (February 24).

While Perry has been busy making the rounds on television to promote the flick, someone by the name of ‘Xpo Terriorst’ has been busy with their own crusade.

A Good Deeds billboard in Los Angeles (on the corner of Fountain Ave. and Landa Street to be exact) was vandalized with black spray paint. The words “Stop letting him make movies” was written underneath the movie title with the vandal’s insignia to finish off the act.

It’s no secret that some people just aren’t a fan of Perry’s movies. And I doubt he’s holding a gun to anyone’s making them go to the theater and/or support him. But at the same time, there are other ways to express your discontent with his films than to ruin expensive property.

Story via MB

Photo via FishBowlLA

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