Antoine Dodson Has A New Song & It Sounds Good! [Official Music Video]
Posted by on Feb 5, 2012



Hide yo earplugs, Hide yo cotton balls  ’cause internet sensation Antoine Dodson can sing!

Dodson gained popularity almost 2-years ago, after his intruder rant was turned into a hit song. The song went viral and Dodson has been flying high ever since.

Instead of walking away from the limelight, Dodson is taking his internet fame to a new level, as he and  Brent Morgan have join forces in a new song. The song is called “Lovesick Lullaby” and it sounds pretty good. Even if you don’t like Dodson, you have to give him credit for this song. It actually sounds like it could be a hit if it got some airplay. And judging by his approach, he really wants to be taken seriously.

Okay, so he used a little bit of autotune to make himself sound better, but it’s not like the more prominent singers in the industry aren’t doing the same thing.


Check out he official music video for the song below. Is it a hit or miss?



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