X-Factor’s Simone Battle Releases “He Likes Boys” [Video]
Posted by on Oct 25, 2011


Simone Battle made it to the top 17 on The X-Factor, but when all was said and done, Simon Cowell didn’t select the songstress to move forward. During her farewell “speech,” Battle told the audience and viewers at home to look out for her new music video for “He Likes Boys.” So after a little research, I came across the video on YouTube and suffice it to say, after seeing this video I think Cowell made the right decision.

The video itself is not bad, but Battle’s singing is mediocre at best. Maybe it’s the poor arrangement or the lackluster lyrics, but this is not the same Simone Battle who belted out an amazing rendition of “Help” by The Beatles just a few weeks ago. Battle has ‘IT,’ but this video doesn’t showcase her true talent. Battle would shine as an R&B artist instead of a Pop artist.

Click on the picture to check out the video below and judge for yourself.


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