Foxy Brown’s Brother To Do Jail Time For Hermes Store Credit Card Theft
Posted by on Aug 18, 2011

Foxy Brown and her brother Gavin


Gavin Marchand, brother of famed rapper Foxy Brown, is headed to prison. Marchand, 36, pleaded guilty today (August 18)  after stealing $8,000 from a Hermes store on Madison Ave. in New York City.

Marchand pleaded guilty to two counts of first degree identity theft.  He was caught when he tried to use a fake Mastercard  to buy clothes at the boutique back in August 2010.
Unfortunately for Marchand, an undercover cop was doing surveillance at the boutique and saw everything go down. The officer took off after Marchand, when he and his three friends fled the store.  The four men led police on a 90-mile-an-hour chase before pulling over.
Marchand is currently free on bail, but he is slated to turn himself in on September 28. Once he turns himself in, when he will  then be sentenced to a prison term of two and a half to five years.


Photo credit: Johnny Nunez/


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