7 Things We Want To Hear On Drake’s ‘Views From The 6′ Album

By | Jul 19, 2014

Anyone know what “Views from the 6″ means? If you’re a big Drake fan, then we’ve got some good news and some bad news. The bad news? It doesn’t sound like Drake will […]


13 Summer Ready Colors You Should Be Trying

By | Jul 19, 2014

With summer in full swing, color trends have become so prevalent that putting together some threads might not be as difficult as you think. When it comes to what shades are […]


12 Things Every Girl Needs During Her Travels

By | Jul 19, 2014

    The most tedious part of traveling is packing. No matter how long you plan to go on vacation for, it feels like the packing process takes a lifetime. […]


11 Celebrity Boyfriends We Wish We Had

By | Jul 19, 2014

You ever watch an interview with your favorite rapper and just fall in love with their personality? Sometimes their lyrics can be misogynistic, but you find yourself captivated by their […]

photoshop sophia 1

How Photoshop Gave a Father His Daughter Back

By | Jul 19, 2014

  Caution, reading this will restore your faith in humanity. Nathen Steffel, a father from Ohio, posted a simple request on online community, Reddit, and the responses he got were […]

Kanye West

Kanye West Dresses ‘Like A God’ In GQ

By | Jul 19, 2014

In the realm of godly fashion, Kanye West reigns supreme. Covering GQ’s August issue, the self-proclaimed deity rests comfortably atop his sartorial throne as he poses in his now-signature leather pants, […]


11 Things to Do to Keep Your Natural Hair in Check

By | Jul 19, 2014

Natural hair can be tricky to deal with but once you get the hang of things, taking care of it becomes much easier. Though everyone’s journey is different, there are […]


Vixen Vent: The NWA Biopic Casting Call Tells Loads About the Movie Industry

By | Jul 19, 2014

Time and time again, we’ve seen Hollywood stereotypes projected onto the big screen. Television programs are equally as guilty, assigning different ethnic groups to societal labels that do more harm […]

Wendy Williams

11 Reasons to Love Wendy Williams

By | Jul 19, 2014

Happy belated 50th birthday to Wendy Williams! And how you doin’ Vixens? Just yesterday, the bold and bodacious media maven celebrated her big day. For years, she’s been serving us up […]

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