Nicki Minaj, Jeremy Scott and Big Sean Represent in New Adidas Ad [Video]

By | Aug 1, 2012

Adidas celebrates creativity with music and fashion’s biggest names in their latest campaign. In the star-studded two-minute ad, Nicki Minaj, Big Sean, designer Jeremy Scott, 2NE1, Kids These Days and Derrick […]


New Video: Keyshia Cole feat. Lil Wayne “Enough of No Love” [Video]

By | Aug 1, 2012

When it comes to heartbreak, Keyshia Cole can vocalize the hell out of it. In her newest video “Enough of No Love,” the R&Bista beautifully yodels her pain while rocking […]


Eve Calls Past Relationship with Stevie J “A Learning Experience”

By | Aug 1, 2012

Eve may be happily cuffed with her racecar-driving mogul boo thang but there was once a time she called Stevie J her “man.” In a recent interview at the Uniquely […]


The Chic Guide: Double Your Print Pleasure Like Solange

By | Aug 1, 2012

From Uptown – Floral, striped, polka dot, or tribal—you name it, we’ve all been going nuts over these charming prints. Normally we tend to stick to one patterned fabric at […]

Woman Tanning

Do You Tan?

By | Aug 1, 2012

We know skin tone is a big deal for women of color so as the sun’s rays begin to heat up and beam down this coming season, some of us […]

The Raptors

Professional Athletes Can Hug & Kiss On The Court, But “Pause/No Homo” Off the Court

By | Aug 1, 2012

From Hello Beautiful – Even though Frank Ocean came out and 2 Chainz has been rocking gear almost as questionable asKanye West’s, homophobia is still a taboo and maybe even scary topic for urban […]

Woman Applying Blush

Don’t Blush – You Need These Colors On Your Cheeks

By | Aug 1, 2012

Blush is often considered a non-essential. It’s the makeup item most women don’t wear and the product other women would give up if there was some cruel reason they had […]

Beauty is Pain

Beauty is Pain: What Part of Your Routine Do You Dread Most?

By | Aug 1, 2012

There’s a reason women say it’s not easy to look this good—it’s true. As much as we love stepping out looking our absolute bests, the process to get there sometimes […]

Swim Hair

Swim Hair, Don’t Care: Protect Your Strands From The Water

By | Aug 1, 2012

This should be a given, but just like your hair is no excuse for not exercising, it’s also no excuse for not swimming. If you have a relaxer or color […]