Appreciate Our Women. A Message From Two Brothers. (by @NovaGiovanni & @Al_Patron)
Posted by on May 17, 2012

-Nova Giovanni-

Hello, loyal readers. Al and I have presented to you gems in “Be A Gentleman” and “Be a Man”. THIS shit right HERE (say it in your Katt Williams voice) is a combination of both, concentrating on women. Admittedly, I’d like to put it out there that I’m not always the most respectful person when it comes to women. However, I’m not the most respectful when it comes to anyone; so it evens out. Regardless as to how we (men) have treated women as individuals, I’m pretty sure most of us can come to an agreement that we need to treat women better as a whole. I’m not pointing a finger at any other male when it comes to this, because I’m sure I’ve done the worst to women. I’ve broken hearts, taken advantage of women’s feelings for me, led women along just to stroke my own ego, and played with love like a game. I swear none of it was worth it. Al, talk to the ladies…

-Al Patron-

Women. I LOVE YOU. I could stop right here, but being so short would be a grave injustice to everything that you mean to me and this world. Mother Earth, Mother Nature, etc.. You are strong, driven, you nurture, you forgive, you teach and love unconditionally. So many adjectives can be used to describe everything you are but the bottom line is that you’re beautiful and deserve everything your heart desires. As a man, I think we tend to take for granted everything you are because of everything you aren’t, which is completely unfair to you. We go through life searching for perfection in women, knowing we aren’t ever going to be perfect ourselves. So instead we go from perfect replacement to perfect replacement rather than seeing you for the perfect compliment you are. Women, you have your own thoughts, goals and sense of humor, you shouldn’t be subjected to us imposing our will on you. Now I realize that you “think like a man…” because we didn’t appreciate your thoughts as they were and as they should be, we do and will from now on. You’re beautiful from the sight of your smile to the sound of your laugh and the scent of your smell. One moment that helped me realize how much I appreciate women is sort of random but a moment nonetheless. Seeing a woman enjoying her favorite food, tilting her head shoulder to shoulder, humming a song & swinging her feet is truly something to behold and gets a genuine ear to ear smile from me every time.

-Nova Giovanni-

Brothers, lets make a pledge. In fact, lets make a PACT! Lets make a “Patience Pact”. Lets be more patient with our women. It is time to be more empathetic and put ourselves in their shoes. It is time to take responsibility for our own actions and trespasses instead of being so quick to judge what the woman is doing. It is time to transform our women into Queens. By definition, a Queen is someone having eminence or supremacy in a given domain and personified as a woman. It is time to allow our women to claim their domains, give them the rights they deserve, and very importantly; PERSONIFY them as women. There is a saying, “Life is chess, not checkers.” If you know anything about chess, then you know the Queen is the most powerful chess piece on the board. Not only that, but her sole mission is to protect her King. Therefore, if you don’t know how to give a Queen her rightful place in your castle; how do you expect to succeed as a King? The REAL question is, ARE YOU A KING AT ALL?

-Al Patron-

Women. I promise to be man you want, need & deserve me to be. You should be adorned not turned scorned. When you need me, I will be there to pick you up, not put you down. When you want me, I will make myself available, not disappear. Your happiness is my responsibility as a man, I will make you smile. Your laughter is my pleasure, I will tickle your fancy. When you’re stressed out, I’ll alleviate your headache & not add to it. I apologize for ever calling you out of your name. I apologize for any future indiscretions, they’re unwarranted. I will make love to your mind, heart, spirit & body. I will be your better half as you have been mine. Please receive me. You are the most precious resource for a man & deserve to be carried accordingly. Women, all your work doesn’t go unnoticed & I appreciate you.

-Nova Giovanni-

Children make excuses, adults make changes. Lets make a change. I’d rather…

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    will thank for the message but keep the faith

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