You Are Beautiful, Young Lady. Now, Put Your Clothes On!!! by Nova Giovanni
Posted by on Aug 7, 2011

Hello, young lady. You may think its foxy to flaunt your flabby body throughout the worldwide web for the attention of horntoads, but this is not the case. What are you getting out of entertaining the eyes of sexually deprived men on the internet whom you’ll never meet? Are a few “likes” on Facebook that important to you? Do several “damn ma” and “you’re sexxxy” comments from goalless men who send the same generic comments to every other lost girl online really boost your self-esteem? If that is the case, you definitely need to assess your esteem of self. If a man has never told you this without the goal of having sex with you… I’ll tell you. You’re beautiful, young lady. Now, put your clothes on!


Riddle me this- would you rather be respected intellectually or sexually? If you answered with the latter, you are a pitiful soul and can quit reading this now. Oh, I get it! You’re a model, you say? Well, if that was REALLY the case- you’d know your beauty is your product. Now, how cheap is your product if you flaunt it freely to anyone with a data plan on their prepaid phones? Why would a commercial, magazine, or even a porn agency want to buy a product that everyone has already tried for free? It is simple economics – supply and demand. Nova Knows.


I’m not going to sit here and write to you like I’m holier than thou, bestowing rules and regulations. I have also fallen victim to thirsting over such lewd photos. We fall down, but we get up. We are just ordinary people. However, that doesn’t justify your actions. I’ve never thought to myself after seeing pictures of a woman bent over in a position proper for receiving an enema, “Damn. I wonder what her views are on race relations in America”. Nope, not once – not EVER!


Here is my proposal – take them down. I know a lot of guys will hate me for this, but I have a daughter. I better never see her taking pictures with her butt on a sink. Nowadays, if I see her doing as much as sitting on the sink to check her loose tooth – I put her in timeout. Therefore, take your tasteless pictures down and set a better example for the next generation of women. Stop demeaning yourself for the satisfaction of sex offenders.  Your photo albums are so explicit that they reek with the fumes of vagisil. Clean up your act. It starts with loving and respecting yourself, and I’m only being hard on you because I Love you.


I Love you, Yes… Even YOU!,

Nova Giovanni


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    Wow x 1,000,000!!!!!!!!!

    I’m sharing this EVERYWHERE!!!!

    Great read with very true words!!!!


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