Nicki Minaj Swagger Jacks Lil’ Kim In NEW Willow Smith Video
Posted by on Nov 8, 2011

There should be no surprise at this point, but over the weekend Nicki Minaj channeled another one of Lil Kim‘s look in the video shoot for Willow Smith‘s latest single “Fireball” in LA. “I looked at the situation, I could see that she was very inspired by me. You could see that,” Kim said of Nicki swagger-jacking her style in an interivew earlier this year. Adding that, “It’s obvious that she wants to be like me.”

While the beef between Nicki and Kim seemed to have simmered down a bit, Nicki’s Barbies (Team Minaj) and Kim’s Die hard fans (Team Kim) are still at each other’s throats via social networking sites. When photos from the video set hit the web, Team Kim immediately took to Twitter and Tumblr to address the blatant copying of yet another one of Kim’s infamous styles.

To discredit the Young Money starlet of originality, a member of Team Kim posted a side-by-side photo of the two; one of Lil Kim (circa 2003) at a Nylon magazine shoot covered in fuzzy stuffed animals, and another of Minaj in a much similar outfit from this past weekend. To solidify their point even more, Team Kim created 5 interesting videos entitled “Playtime is Over” (1-5) (<—VIDEOS HERE) which showcases that Nicki’s inspiration, both rap and style, definitely came from Lil’ Kim.

But back to the subject at hand… Do you think Nicki’s outfit was inspired by The Queen Bee? See for yourself and be the judge!

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    What makes it so funny Lil’ Kim rocked this 8 YEARS AGO. Kim is a fashion icon, fuck what the lame haters say. Nicki is just late and a swagger jacker.

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    I dnt understand why nikki stans always wanna compare nikki new look to LiLKims old look and says nikki out shynes LiLKim smdh,”they still tryna be me from 97,um still eating off my shyt from 97″ i sweat they need to put these two on fashion police category bich stole my look #Realtalk

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    Cut the BULLSHIT!!!! I want her address. This hoe is taking it too far trying to play innocent. I want her dead or alive. She Tacky as hell. Anyways I love Kim.

    Lil Kim will be premeiring a few new tracks tomorrow . Follow her on Twitter: @LilKim and (K)EEP (I)t (M)OVING

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    That lumpy nose bitch is straight copying Kim and been copying her smdh

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    Nicki’s fans are delusional and liars just like Minaj. Its TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE to justify or lie and say that Nicki isn’t inspired by Kim’s career. Instead these immature fans compare who looks best in the lane Kim created. The question is “HAS NICKI JACKED KIM ONCE AGAIN?” If your honest, the answer is HELL-TO-THE-F’N YEAH!

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    Take a seat Chile, Kim is a Pioneer & a Trendsetter! Nicki and her imaginary friends are all Recycled.

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    Its about TIME ! nicki minaj got exposed for her swagger jacking and plagiarism.. shes pathetic. how dare she disrespect and throw shade towards the woman she wants to BE. if it wasnt for LIL’ KIM the ARTIST. Nicki Minaj would have NO LANE. and NO CAREER. people like her get battered and shot in the hood.. we dont play that shit… RESPECT your superiors dont try and come for their neck but your dressed like them, you talk like them you make the same moves as them. Nicki is a confused trinidad chick. KIM is the New York QUEEN aswell as a BROOKLYN warrior. Biggie birthed her… People forget who they are dealing with .. this is K.I.M she is always slept on.until she drops another QUIET STORM.

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    Shut the fuck up @chile Puleez. Nicki is a lil kim wanna be. Why cant she come up with her on style. I know you probably go to high school so what if you had someone always copying your hairstyles and clothes but claiming they look better than you.. Nicki forever will be known as Lil kim clone!!

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    Yup ! Nicki Minaj is copying Lil’ Kim once again ! She’s obsessed & a hater.Whoever denies it is plain dumb

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    @ Kodak Boi you’re just trying to get some of TGJ’s shine with the Nicki/Kim posts #fail cus it’s just lil ole me…LMFAO

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    Kim looks like the raggedy-fukin-anne that she is in that tacky ass shit. Nicki always out shine Kim and yall know it thats Y U MAD!!!

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    @ Kodak Boi you know damn well Nicki is wearing Harajuku and Kim could NEVA!

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