Lil’ Kim To Be Judge On America’s Next Top Rapper…
Posted by on Oct 11, 2011

Lil’ Kim is closing in on a deal that would see her back on your TV screen. That’s right, the iconic rapper is said to be apart of the judging panel for the new TV show, ‘America’s Next Top Rapper‘.

Much like America’s Next Top Model and American Idol, contestants of the first ever televised “hip-hop” reality show will compete to win the grand prize — a recording contract with Universal Music.

Other judges joining the pint-sized rapper include, producer Rockwilder and Director Little X.

It’s unclear which network will pick up the show, but the televised competition is scheduled to kick off this winter.

The news comes after months of negotiations of Kim’s new record deal with Universal Music Group.

The winner will receive $100,000 in cash and prizes which include:
– distribution deal from Universal Music
– professional video shoot by Director (Little) X
– single produced by Rockwilder
– feature by Lil Kim
– $20,000 in cash
– booking agent
– publicist
– And a national tour

So for all you rappers who are tired of posting on social networks and not getting results… Rockwilder, Little X, and The Queen Bee want to make you a star!

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    This is dope but. Where in North Carolina will yall be shooting??? Like the date smh I really wanna know. and my

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    It’s about time!!! finally a ARTIST like Bang Bang from B.t.I ( Boston Troopers Inc..) can get notice he deserves..Boston has a lot of talent Rappers but bang bang is a Talented Song Writer ( There is a Diffrence ) he has been recording in studios since the age of 13. he records 4 songs ( Completed ) in two hours his record is 6 songs in two hours at the age of only20 when bang hits the Booth its all business.and he is one of Few rappers who 95% of his songs has no Swears and still move all ages.his tracks cover Hardcore,club bangers,dance,jeep bangers.Bang is one to watch … Youtube: Bang Bang Bti …. http://www.Reverbnation.comBang bang he has over 250+ songs with strong lyrical skills.punchlines are crazy.and now He has a real shot at being the NEXT BEST RAPPER ( ENTERTAINER )

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