Lil’ Kim Signs New Deal with Universal Music Group
Posted by on Aug 1, 2011

Since parting ways with Atlantic Records in 2008, Lil’ Kim has been linked to nearly every record company possible; including Roc Nation, Cash Money, and G-Unit. Well, the bidding war is finally over, and the speculations can be put to rest, as Kim has recently signed a new record deal. Despite offers from many major labels, The Queen Bee has chosen Universal Music Group as the place to begin the next phase of her unprecedented career.

The pint-sized rapper has already begun recording an album for the company, which includes the new ‘not-yet-released’ single “Looks Like Money,” and is scheduled to be released later this year.

There is still no word as of yet if the deal with UMG is set to include Kim’s own imprint/record label or not, but it is safe to say she has a major company backing her and has now been added to their roster as well. It’ll be interesting to see how things pan out for The Queen Bee. We, at VIBEVixen, are wishing Kim the best of luck with all future endeavors!
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    I’m Happy that Kim is back, however she pretty much used Nicki to get herself reestablished. If she comes back with some crap about Nicki she will FAIL!!! The game has changed and Nicki stepped it up! So I hope she realizes that. She jusdt needs to do her and she wil be fine.

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    You go Kimmy! You told that chick that you were a business woman what didn’t she get. Lets see if she got that Paypal Swag in her rhymes now. OH what she forgot once you got over 1 Mil in hits that it wasn’t gonna happen?

    OK now Kimmy come hard here’s your opportunity to really demand your respect from that chick. Run up in her hard and make her realize that she can be touched. Mama gotta know it ain’t all about her she has not laid it down like you have real talk…Kimmy paid dues…


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    I wanted Kim with G-unit but as long as shes making good music the way she wants idc

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    Queen Bee is back at it again!!!!!!!!!

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    GO KIM!!! She deserves the BEST!!!

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