Lil’ Kim’s ‘Black Barbie’ Photoshoot
Posted by on Jul 11, 2011

Lil Kim

Some people like their Barbies animated & quirky. Others like their Barbies classic, with a little Bed-Stuy in them. For those who like the ladder, the original Black Barbie, Lil’ Kim, is back with a new preview from her new photo-shoot with photographer Michael Antonio.

Lil’ Kim, who turns 36 today, announced last night on Lil’ Kim Fan Club’s radio station that her new single, entitled “Looks Like Money,” will be released this summer, along with an extended version of Monica’s new sinlge “Anything (To Find You)”, which hit the net last week.

It seems like things are coming full circle for the Queen Bee. Are you excited for her return?
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  1. avatar

    SOOOO excited for you mama!!! I can’t wait to hear your album. Best believe i will be buying it from a retail store. Lol sooo oldschool. Love you Kim

  2. avatar

    Very Excited!
    “Its Kimmie Blanco homie, the head honcho! The Queen’s Reign it Pours, I hope you got your poncho!”

  3. avatar

    Hell yeah I’m excited! Can’t wait for the single and/or album. Hope Monica does a vid to her new single also. Gonna support both of them. Looks like REAL music is making a comeback! ;)

  4. avatar

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN OF RAP!!!!! This pic of her is very cute :) Kim is ya favorite rappers idol she been had the title

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    I can’t wait. She looks beautiful. I’m so excited.

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    I’m so excited for Kim, she deserves the WORLD!!! And has one of the lucky fans to speak w/ her on the Lil Kim Fanclub Radio Show last night, words can’t expres-s how much I LOVE and respect her even more for sharing that time w/ us. I will always ride for Kim no matter what!!! – @PrettiBoiC

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    Happy Birthday Kim!! The Queen Bee, tell them b***** they can fight for second!

  8. avatar

    i’m so excited can’t wait for my queen to rock stages and rock the nation. love you kimmy happy 37th birthday love you always good talking to you lastnight.

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