Tracee Header

For years, we witnessed Tracee Ellis Ross become the neurotic, and hilarious, Joan Clayton who was always searching for her passion—and her man—in the entertaining sitcom Girlfriends. Now, the actress-turned-producer […]

Kelly Rowland Jeanette Jenkins

What do Paula Patton, Kelly Rowland, Tia Mowry, Pink! and Robin Thicke have in common? Besides their obviously smoking hot bods, the most powerful tool in their workout arsenal is […]

Female Mc's

I could have written a really witty or quirky first line followed by shade thrown at Kreayshawn and a few big ups to Nicki Minaj. I could have also written […]

Good Credit

Nice Looking Loves his momma and God Has a career and makes good money Great in bed Good with children All of the above I laughed to myself as a […]

Push Buttons

There are women you love. Women you hate. Women you love to hate. And women you hate to love. For most of us, Beyoncé, Amber Rose, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian […]

Vixen Chat

Tatyana Ali began performing and acting at the tender age of four. So many remember her during Fresh Prince of Bel-Air days when she played the character Ashley Banks, but […]

Woman on Computer

When was that last time you came across a person who actually loved what they do for a living? It’s probably been a minute. It’s easy to get stuck in […]

Main Natural

In 2011, going natural was a huge craze. Natural hair products have been flying off the shelves because more women were either transitioning or big chopping their way to becoming […]

Woman Cleaning Closet

Your maturity is directly reflected in your style and each specific style has an age. As you grow and experience more adult-like situations and date (yes, date!), you must find […]

We Love Our Bodies Vibe-Vixen

It´s no secret that black women walk with a certain flair that indicates we have it going on. We´re bold. We´re powerful. We´re sensual. We´re provocative. We´re beautiful. And we […]

Stand Out Main Vibe-Vixen

After flipping through TV channels and skimming magazines on a Saturday afternoon, you see which trends are rapidly spreading like wildfire. In your head you think it’s just a matter […]

Who Will Take The Throne?

When it comes to entertainment, we all know Beyoncé Knowles-Carter does it best. We can sit here and deny her talents and bicker whether she’s “iconic” or original, but one […]


The New Year is always time to reflect, re-evaluate and reinvent, and hairstyles are usually first on a Vixen’s list. We figure that 2012 is as good a time as […]

couple moving-in

There comes a point in relationships where you’re ready to get serious with the one you call your boo. You’ve already gotten past the overnight phase and now you’re debating […]