VIBE Vixen 20 Questions

1) Are you counting the days until House of Deréon launches a maternity line? 2) Is Beyoncé and Jay’s baby going to run the world or what? 3) With honeys […]


What’s so bad about weaves? From black men complaining that weave creates artificial women to ladies rocking their weave-less hair like a superior badge of honor, it’s clear that weave […]

Get over bitterness

Are you that woman? You know, the woman that thinks ‘all men are dogs,’ walks around angry and skeptical of every man because of what the last man did, and […]

Dating Digital

It seems like dating is the topic du jour lately. From mainstream media outlets like “Nightline” and the Wall Street Journal continuously pondering the lives of single sisters, to films […]

Pros and Cons Luxury Handbags

There is a industry-wide consensus that buying fakes is unacceptable. Back in my intern days, when I was trying to fit in with the luxury-buying crowd, I, admittedly, purchased a […]

Alexyss K. Tylor

Picture this: Brooklyn, 2007. I remember it like it was yesterday. One of my homegirls sends out a mass email announcing that she had seen the “best sh*t ever,” and […]

Bridget Kelly

The newest “It” girl is a princess of the Roc, Bridget Kelly was first spotted singing onstage alongside Mr. Shawn Carter himself. While everyone was scrambling to see who this […]

It Vixens

What really defines an “It” girl? Looks? Style? Personality? All of the above for sure, but the true characteristic of an “It” girl is her undeniable hustle. Either on the […]


Natural hair continues to be on the rise. Everyone who is everyone either wants to be natural, is in the process of being natural or yearns to, one day, have […]

June Ambrose

June Ambrose is one of the most celebrated figures in contemporary black fashion. She is our stylist du jour, thrilling us with her imaginative outfits and adventurous Twitter tales of […]

5 Men Upgrade Us

When Beyoncé sang about upgrading her man to Audemars Piguet watches and Purple Labels, we all sang along and secretly plotted to upgrade our men’s wardrobes. But women aren’t the […]

Melissa De Sousa

Afro-Latina actress Melissa De Sousa is widely-known for her sassy, ball-busting role as Shelby in 1999 film The Best Man. These days, however, the Panamanian New Yorker is promoting BET’s […]


It’s been a month since the latest installment of the “Wives” franchise, Basketball Wives: LA, has premiered. After five episodes, we’re sure you’ve already noticed some of the similarities between […]


Don’t we all just love gossip? No matter how above it we might all pretend to be, sometimes we just have to give in and indulge in the happenings of […]


Fall is here, and for true Vixens, there is no more exciting time for fashion than when the air gets a lil crisper and the leaves begin to change colors! […]