Teedra Moses performs at SOBs in NYC
Posted by on Feb 7, 2012
Teedra Moses at SOBS NYC feb 6 2012

Photo by: Glennisha Morgan

Yesterday, the doors at SOB’s in New York City opened for Teedra Moses at 7:30PM and people were on time, waiting. Sangria and martinis were sipped upon her arrival. Once the honey complected singer emerged in a black jump suit with red pumps, the chatter stopped and was followed with finger popping and screams.The self proclaimed lioness hit the stage and began singing her new single, “Another Luvr” that features her fellow label mate Wale. Excited fans immediately began to sing along.

 After a brief stint of being an assistant wardrobe stylist to artists such as Kelis, R.Kelly, and No Doubt in 2004, Teedra released Complex Simplicity, her debut album that featured fourteen self-written tracks.The album went somewhat under the radar but, Teedra kept singing and writing, gaining a solid fan base.In between writing songs such as “Dip It Low” for Christina Milian and “Here We Go” for Trina the New Orleans born and raised songstress began dropping mixtapes such as The Young Hustla Compilation, Young Hustla Compilation Vol II: Live from the Jungle, Royal Patience, and more.

Following a collaboration with Raphael Saadiq on his Raphael Saadiq as Ray Ray album, she toured with the former Tony! Toni! Tone! member. A few more tours later Moses found herself as a spokes model on the Lady Hennessy Tour in 2010. The following year, it was announced that Moses had signed to Maybach Music Group, Rick Ross’ label known as home to Wale, Meek Mill, and Audra The Rapper. Moses spared some time before her show at SOB’s in New York City and discussed her upcoming sophomore album, songwriting, and being fearless with Vibe Vixen.

Not too long ago you relocated from LA to Miami. How is it?

I love Miami. It’s very calm and peaceful. It’s allowed me to be able to find focus where I didn’t have it in Los Angeles. It’s allowed me to get more keen and in tune with myself and the things that I want out of my career and life period. It’s been refreshing. Teedra Moses Complex Simplicity

Can we expect an album, which would be the follow up to your debut album, Complex Simplicty?

The Lioness.  I am mixing, mastering and shooting visuals. The first single from it is “Another Luvr”, which was on my mixtape but, we’ve put it on the album. It’s mixed and mastered with Wale. We just shot a video tonight. We’re going to premiere it here tonight. I’m excited about that. I’m hoping to release another single within the next couple of months.

For the people who don’t know, you’re also a songwriter. You’ve written for Nivea, Teairra Mari, and Christina Milian. Who else have you written for?

I’ve written for Mary J. Blige, Raphael Saadiq, Macy Gray, and Kelly Rowland.

You often refer to yourself as The Young Lioness. Tell me who exactly The Young Lioness is?

At this point I call myself The Lioness. I felt really confused when I called myself The Young Lioness, like a cub trying to figure it out. I’m still confused but, I’m a little bit more focused and fearless. So I don’t feel like The Young Lioness anymore. I just feel like The Lioness. When I say that, I’m not a Leo. People think I’m a Leo. I’m a sexy Sagittarius. I’m just a person out here with a vision in mind for my life, not just for my music and my career. I’m in the jungle just going at it.

Things come up against you but, if you’re strong just keep moving. That’s just what it is. In order to enjoy the quality of life you have to be of a lion spirit and be courageous. I called myself The Young Lioness before because I had fear and I was concerned with other people’s thoughts. I didn’t want to get in anybody’s way but, now I’m roaring.

What do you feel exactly brought you to that point?

I always wanted help. I stopped and said this is what is around me. Take that and make the best of it and put it out in the world. That’s with my career and being a single mom. I always wanted help because I felt like I wasn’t sufficient enough but, you know what I’m all that I have. God first and foremost. That’s everything.

When you first came out you were signed to TVT Records and then you went independent. Now  you’re back with a label again. What was your transition like?

It’s all been great learning. I wouldn’t trade it for the world because I know how to grind and sustain myself. I know how to keep music in people’s ears that want to hear it.

What’s the inspiration behind your latest release, The Luxurious Undergrind?

My life is always the inspiration. My observations, my experiences, and the things that I fantasize about.

You’ve performed at SOB’s on so many occasions. Are you excited to perform again tonight?

Yes, every time. SOB’S in New York City has a crowd that embraces me with such warmth and allows me to be myself and accept me for who I am. I feel so much love that it feels exciting every time. I want so badly to rock them each time and give them everything that I came for.

Besides the new video, what can the fans expect tonight?

Raw Teedra. My focus tonight is on the clarity of my voice. I just really want to be heard in the tone that I feel is  my greatest tone. We’re going to party and have some fun.

Teedra Moses

Photo by: Glennisha Morgan



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