West Hollywood bans the sales of fur apparel
Posted by on Nov 23, 2011

KelisI’m sure the president of PETA is somewhere jumping for joy. The city of West Hollywood, California has voted to approve an ordinance that will ban the sales of clothing and accessories made from skin or pelt of animals with hair, wool or fur. It’s reportedly the country’s first ban on fur apparel. A Fur Free West Hollywood spokesman, Scott Samson said that the vote was passed by the city council on Monday night, 3-1. According to Samson West Hollywood has always been known for it’s fur friendly laws and local businesses were consulted in the process of writing the fur ban law.

I’m not fan of the cruelty of animals. I also am not a fan of fur just because I think it looks gaudy but, I think this law is absolutely ridiculous. This is something like fashion censorship!

Vixens what do you think?

Check out the full story over at CoCo & Creme.

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