Tamera Mowry-Housley shares bridal advice with the YBF
Posted by on Oct 4, 2011

Adam Housley and Tamera Mowry-HousleyLast night was the season finale of “Tia & Tamera”, the recent reality show on The Style Network about the inseparable twins’ journey through pregnancy and marriage. It’s still hard to believe that this is the same “Tia & Tamera” that had everyone shouting “Go home Roger!” to their annoying childhood friends. Tia and Tamera are both now all grown up, married, and far from the quirky teenagers that they were on the hit show, “Sister Sister”. Tamera recently opened up to The YBF about her wedding, celibacy, and criticism on her interracial marriage. The newly wedded actress also gave advice to brides-to-be on how to prepare for a wedding and marriage.

On the hateful backlash she received online after having her engagement photos posted: 

It’s something I wanted to share with Adam, our fam and friends, and years down the line with our kids.  There’s something, I think, special about that.  I wanted them to see something more than just us in our wedding attire.  I didn’t feel like we shouldn’t have put them out–I was just shocked that some people still feel that way.  It’s 2011!  They did a poll recently and 83% of Americans are OK with interracial relationships.  I never expected that kind of negative response to us.  That’s why I was OK with our wedding photographer (Jose Villa) putting those pics on his website.  He was ok with them, and I was ok with them.

On her and Adam’s decision to live apart prior to marriage: 

I’ll be very very honest. We decided, it was both of our decision, not to live together for religious reasons.  I’m being very honest. We actually didn’t wait before we got married to be intimate…but we did wait 3 years. I wanted to do what felt right for me.  I became re-virginized. It’s something that just felt right for me. It was just a personal choice.  And even after being intimate, we decided as a couple to be celibate until the wedding.

Tamera Mowry-Housley and Adam Housley

On advice to a bride who has a tight budget: 

Well if it’s an outside wedding–I say budget for a tent.  I was really naive.  Whether there would be rain in Napa in May wasn’t even a question for me because I’ve been there several times in May and there was never even a cloud in sight.  But leading up to my wedding, there was rain, hail, it was 40 degrees, I might as well had gotten married in January!

But if you only have a set amount like $20K for your wedding, and not a $1 more, think about all the things that could happen.  And plan for it.  Had I known rain could have happened, I would have budgeted for a tent and not done some other things.  Instead I had to tack on several thousand more last minute for it.

On imperative things every bride must have with her on her wedding day: 

A lot of women forget this–make sure you have the right undergarments.  Don’t be afraid to splurge and go to a lingerie specialist. Get the right bodice, Spanx–you cannot leave without your Spanx–it just keeps it smooth and sucked in and you look great.

Another thing is, carry your memories with you of why you two are getting married.  And carry a clear mind–make sure you’re totally present.

Then make sure you have your sidekick–your girlfriend, your maid of honor, your mom, whoever it is, right there by your side. Someone who you can look at in the eye and have their support.  My mom wasn’t on the reality show because she didn’t want to be.  She’s so private.  But my mom was with me every step of the way.  So supportive.

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