Lil Wayne covers Vibe’s October/November issue
Posted by on Sep 29, 2011

Lil Wayne Vibe CoverI’m still trying to figure out who or what Lil Wayne is depicting on the October/November issue of Vibe but, he looks as if he’s not worried about competition. With the most smug look on his face and the reflection of the American flag in his sunglasses, he looks proud. In fact he blatantly states that he has no competition. He says that competition is for the old guys and babbles about happiness. In the feature he also talks about Drake and the London riots.

Wayne on Jay-Z and “The Old Guys” 

“There’s no competition [with any artists]. Music isn’t about competition no more. All the gangster rappers are happy, all the skateboard rappers are happy, all the white rappers are happy… Everybody just happy to do music these days. There are no problems. That shit died a long time ago with them old-ass rappers. We are just making music, making money and having fun feeding our families. Competition is for the old guys.”

Wayne on looking at Drake as competition 

I don’t look at it like that. Drake is my artist. If he wasn’t my artist, then yeah maybe. But that’s my artist. He’s not [just] a friend. We’re more than friends. It’s business. It would be impossible for it to be a competition. I mean, I’m the guy’s boss.

Wayne on Hip Hop influencing the London riots

All you could do is pray for the people that were dealing with the situation and hope for the best. As far as them blaming hip-hop, you can blame Jesus for things, so you can’t really fault anybody for blaming someone or something. All you can do is hope for the best.

(Read more over at Vibe or pick up your copy of Vibe on newsstands.) 


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