Girlfriends After 25?
Posted by on Jul 20, 2011

Girlfriends after 25?

After watching a handful of rerun episodes of Girlfriends on BET I couldn’t help but think about how the number of girlfriends in my life is vastly decreasing. Not to sound cliché,but I seriously can count on one hand how many friends I have. I’m known to cut people off quickly but, I just don’t see the point of continuing friendships if a person sends red flags that they are possibly toxic. I have also never been into pseudo friendships just to be able to say that I have friends.

I’d like to know from my veteran Vixens is it possible to gain genuine friendships after the age of 25? After all, they say that the friends you had in high school you will not have them post graduation. It’s also been said that you’ll cultivate your best friendships in college. But, once those deteriorate what else is left?

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    I believe that most people would like to be settled down by a certain age but things happen. We can’t put an age limit on starting over. So yes, it is very possible to have a girlfriend after the age of 25.

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    Under 25s generally spend time studying/ socialising (at school, college, uni) and so have a reason to be in a particular place for a certain amount with the same set of people studying with them. It is only natural you form lasting bonds with those people you see often and share experiences of studying and probably social life, etc.

    After 25, we’re likely to be working and the relationships formed in the workplace are very different, more formal, maybe competitive, less open and maybe not continued outside of the workplace, so post 25 friendships are less likely to be as deep or meaningful.

    Forming lasting friendships after 25 is not impossible, just difficult because of the way we live and the demands we have on our time once we become adults.

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    I am 25 & there were friends that I met post highschool graduation and they have fallen apart. I even called her my sister. She end up cutting me off for a reason she didnt want to discuss. Honestly I called her my sister up until she didnt reach out to me after a year.So therefore I lost faith in friends after 25. Anything we do at this age is networking.

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    I don’t know. I’m 29 and honest to God I have one friend. Like you I’m known for pushing people away if they are toxic or a waste of time. I would really love a couple more genuine girls but making friends as an adult is almost impossible.

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    I met most of my best friends in college. I’ve tried to make friends after the age of 25 but those are the friendships that have fallen apart.

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    I think it very possible, but the quality of friendships is determined by the amount of time you invest in not only meeting new people, but nurturing those budding friendships. I have been blessed to keep the friendships I had in high school, as well as college, but as with everything it takes maintenance. I have met friends post 25, but I think as we get older and busier we find ourselves having less time to go out and meet new people. Especially as a married woman, when I have free time I tend to enjoy spending it nurturing the friendships I already have instead of meeting new people… although I’m always glad to venture out to fun events and spark up conversations.

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    I have no idea. I”m 29…(I’m thankful) and in New York with my partner. I know no one but I have to have faith that I will make some friends. I have my solid crew that has been with me in other states but I would like to think it’s possible.

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    Aronda- :)

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    I think its possible but difficult. One of my dearest friends I didn’t meet until after I was 25 so it can happen :)

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