K. Michelle Supports Saving Our Daughters Initiative To Stop Abuse Against Women
Posted by on Aug 10, 2012


It’s no secret that R&B singer and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member K. Michelle has alleged that her ex-boyfriend MempHitz abused her when they were in a relationship. She’s talked about the encounter vividly in interviews and has mentioned it on the show. Well now she is doing more then just talking about the incident she is doing something positive.

She’s created a public service announcement where she’s beaten in a wedding dress to get the point across that domestic violence has to stop.

Note from Saving Our Daughters.

Donate Now! http://tinyurl.com/iamhere-kmichelle K-Michelle and Saving Our Daughters to stop the violence towards young women with “I am Here… to Yell Confidence” fundraising drive. Take action with K-Michele with your urgent donation to help stop the abuse.


To help a young mother learn to love herself first


To help take the power away from date abuse….


To help take the power away from violence against women…


To help take the power away from all esteem slayers!


To YELL Confidence!

YELL Confidence with us by supporting Saving Our Daughters’ programs that help teens lead their lives with purpose and confidence.

YELL Confidence (Youth Empowered Learning & Leadership), one of Saving Our Daughters’ core initiatives, sparks community engagement, public awareness, and the dedication to empower teens. It supports SOD’s mission by working directly with focused groups of youth and young adults to engage them in creative learning and leadership experiences. The YELL Confidence groups are then charged with using the powerful messages they’ve learned and sharing their unique experiences to help millions of peers take power away from esteem slayers, grow a vigorous sense of self worth, and lead fiercely confident lives.

This “I AM HERE” campaign with K. Michelle specifically funds SOD’s work with late teens and younger adults. Through critical learning tools and very eager adult allies (like songstress K.Michelle and entrepreneur Mimi Faust), young participants are equipped with heightened awareness of self worth issues and immediate ways to create positive impact in their own communities.

Reaching the goal helps SOD impact thousands of young adults by launching the YELL Confidence online resources and connecting them with our “I AM HERE” allies across
the country.

Saving Our Daughters is 501c3 tax exempt non-profit organization.

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    I have to be honest, I don’t typically watch this show however caught the end of it tonight and was moved not just by K. Michelle’s performance for SOD but moreso by the ending conversation. I understand the show is scripted to some degree, but clearly the pain, passion, and power she displayed is not something that can be acted. I admire your strength and courage it took to take such a public platform to bring light to such a devastating plague to all women. So not just from one stranger to another… but from one women to another I hope you continue to have the courage to bring a voice to violence againest women. If you have done nothing else through this somewhat cheesy show, you have touched a life. I hope you continue this plight and continue to touch lives; I admire the responsibility that you have taken to help other women.

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