Does Rick Ross Really Want To See Teedra Moses Win?
Posted by on Aug 14, 2012

It was announced in April 2011 that Teedra Moses was officially apart of Maybach Music Group and in the past year I have seen absolutely no movement with her being the First Lady of MMG.

The Self Made Vol 1 compilation dropped only a month after this announcement was made so I didn’t even expect to hear anything from Teedra but surprising she was featured on three records. Yes she was limited to just ad-libs and background vocals on that project but that’s understandable since the announcement was still new but I was excited about the possibility that The Lioness album would be coming sooner then later. If Ross rushed to get her in the studio so she would be involved with that project why wouldn’t he rush to get a album out that her diehard fans have been waiting for for at least six years?

It’s been over a year later and we still don’t even have a release date. To add insult to injury she wasn’t featured anywhere on Self Made 2 that dropped in June 2012 but Omarion who had  been signed to MMG about the same amount of time that Teedra was before Self Made Vol. 1 was released, yet he was on the album artwork and had several songs on the compilation.

Speaking of Omarion you had a full blown media convention to announce the signing of Omarion as if it was the best thing to happen since sliced bread. I’m sure by the time Self Made Vol. 2 dropped Teedra had plenty of songs in the bag that could have been featured on that compilation but she didn’t even get to sing ad-libs this time. Or at least can we get a single? Ross has always showed so much compassion and support for all his artists since the beginning so I’m perplexed as to why Teedra Moses isn’t getting that same respect.

There are rumors floating that Teedra isn’t getting that much attention because she’s signed solely to Maybach Music Group and has no distribution through Warner Music Group. If this is so I could understand the delay since this would mean Rick Ross would have to come out of pocket for everything. Then I remembered when Ross purchased a Range Rover for Meek Mill for his birthday so you have the money to put up for her project if you wanted Mr. Rozay. But that would just be too much to ask now wouldn’t it? Especially since Teedra had to make a kickstarter account in order for her band to attend Essence Music Festival.

Now you know that is just wrong!

The icing on the cake was Ross not even mentioning that she is the featured artist on “Amsterdam” from his latest album God Forgives, I Don’t.

If that isn’t shade I don’t know what is. Something is not right with this picture. Not even mentioning her on the album. I definitely wasn’t holding my breath that he’d have her in the video so it was no surprise that when it dropped earlier today there was no Teedra Moses in sight.

How are you going to bring your artist to the forefront if no one ever sees her with you? Yet you put another singer in the video? Antonique Smith, the singer/actress who played Faith in the movie Notorious in the video and she’s not even the one singing?

So I ask again, Does Rick Ross not want Teedra Moses to win? I need answers! What was the point in signing her if you weren’t going to do anything with her?

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    AGREED!!! I was floored by the Kickstarter thing, too. Like, wtf? Really? This article was much-needed!! #TeedraFan

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    Good article. Always thought the signing of Teedra was strange but I had high hopes. The sequence of events you outlined seem to point to her being treated badly, but of course we don’t know the whole story. Dying for her comeback. And Omarion? Pffft. Please. Dude makes me wanna cut off my ears. Self Made 2 is very soft because of him.

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    this is so sad man! :(

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