VIDEO: Music + Comedy both ‘trying’ to play sports = even more comedy courtesy of Kevin Hart & Ne-Yo
Posted by on Jul 24, 2012

The video that was recorded earlier this year during NBA All-star weekend finally surfaces. Kevin Hart and his Plastic Cup Boyz challenged Ne-Yo & Compound entertainment with a side of Chris Brown to some good clean basketball. Actually I should take back the good part since it appears the majority of the people weren’t even 6 feet tall that were playing and the athletic struggles were obvious on both sides of the ball. If you are looking for basketball theatrics this will lend plenty of good laughs. They clown from the time the video starts until the finish. Definitely great start to my morning. Kevin Hart’s team got the first win, Ne-Yo’s team got the second win, watch below to see who took home the title.

LMAO. To be continued. I love Kevin Hart. Even though he wouldn’t let me piggy back him.

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