Skye Townsend releases debut EP “Vomit” & Video “Normal”
Posted by on May 7, 2012

Some might know the 18 year old by her youtube covers and/or more then dead on Beyonce impersonations. Maybe you know her as an actress and are familiar with her character Jade from the break out BET web series 8 Days A Week. Or maybe you just simply know her as Robert Townsend’s daughter. Either way you can’t deny that the girl is talented. She recently released her debut EP online and for free. You can download that here & check out the track list and video for the first single “Normal” below.

Growing up with Mr. Townsend I’m sure her life wasn’t as normal as the rest of ours but there is no denying that the way we feel when we love someone is normal and no matter where you come from those feelings can be the same. Being afraid to love and the vulnerability involved when you allow yourself to. Skye is just getting started so make sure you keep a close eye on this rising vixen.

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