‘Think Like A Man’ press reception & movie review
Posted by on Apr 5, 2012

Last night I attended the press reception and NYC premiere of Think Like A Man. The press reception was held at Sky Bar where Gabrielle Union, Terrence J, Lala Vazquez, Regina Hall, Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Romany Malco and Jerry Ferrara from the cast were in attendance to mix, mingle & answer questions about the film. Go HERE  to check out video from the event and you can check out pictures below.

After the reception I walked a couple blocks away to the AMC Theater in Times Square for the NYC premiere. It was star studded. Cameos in the movie are endless from Keri Hilson, Chris Brown, Kelly Rowland, Wendy Williams, Bruce Bruce, Sherri Shepherd; the list really goes on and even more came out to support the film. X-factor’s Astro Kid, Olivia from Love & Hip Hop, Jennifer from Basketball Wives, John Legend… I’ll stop there.

Now on to my take on the film. As someone that has read the book I was skeptical that the betrayal of the rules would be extremely corny. Reminiscent of the Jamie Foxx movie Breaking All The Rules. That is the furthest thing from the truth. The movie was entertaining from the first scene until the last and is beyond hilarious. Kevin Hart being his normal self as well as narrating the entire movie played a huge part in making me laugh at times until my stomach hurt.

For any guys thinking this is a chick flick. WRONG! This flick is probably more a guy’s film then it is a chick flick. The interaction between the guys reminded me a lot of the movie What Love Is. Just real conversations between men that all women want to be a fly on the wall for. This movie was that and more. Every character was relatable and you will see yourself and all your friends in them.

The storyline between Taraji P. Henson and Michael Ealy‘s characters were probably my favorite. The independent woman that has her own and wants a man that can match what she has but putting her guard down and realizing maybe money isn’t the answer to her happiness.

Terrence J and Regina Hall‘s characters were my second favorite. This is definitely a break out role for Terrence and will have people taking him seriously as an actor if they weren’t before. He did great in this film. Regina is usually in roles that have her acting like an airhead so it was refreshing to see her in a role where was is smart and savvy.

The chemistry between Gabrielle Union and Jerry Ferrara was just stale. They didn’t come off as a believable couple at all. I’m sure it was hard to on film make it seem like you’re in love with someone that is half your height and it showed. The pairing just seemed extremely awkward.

Meagan Good and Romany Malco emulated the part of the book where a woman has to have standards and being paired up with a player. The story we all hope for that rarely happens in real life but definitely had my eye brows raised wondering if I should give this tactic a whirl.

The celebrity cameos were kind of excessive. Especially since the acting by most of them was beyond terrible. The spoiler alert though is that Morris Chestnut is in it. It was beyond hilarious because right before he popped on screen I said every black person in Hollywood that is usually in our romantic comedies is in this movie except him and Nia Long.

Ultimately, it was a very cute movie without being mooshy that I will definitely watch again. The main point conveyed at the reception is that we have to support this film so that the big studios will make more films like this. Make sure you are in the theaters on April 20th and check your ticket stubs and support this movie. Perfect for a date night or to have a girl’s or guy’s night out.

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