Snow Tha Product tackles everyone thinking she’s white in new video “Starry Eyed”
Posted by on Apr 28, 2012

I have to admit, when I heard her name and saw a pick of her, before I even heard any of her songs I said oh boy Kreayshawn just opened up a new can of foolery and more of more of that trash is going to invade our radios. Thank God she came referred by a friend so I took a listen at her music anyway. It’s refreshing that Kreayshawn has fallen off the face of the earth and Snow, a real M.C. is hopefully about to shine. Oh and she’s not white. “A proud Mexican” in her words and she addresses the stigma of everyone thinking she’s white, what it’s like being a female rapper trying to come up in this stage in life and more in her latest visual. Open your ears real wide, press play, & really listen to what she’s spitting.

This track was lifted from the Atlantic Records signee’s “Unorthodox” mixtape hosted by DJ Whoo Kid that you can download HERE. “Drunk Love” is my fave!

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