Has Hip Hop’s Snowman melted?
Posted by on Jan 3, 2012

So Jeezy… yes the hip hop world has been waiting. Waiting for a good 2 years for this album, so the first thing we wanted to hear on 103 definitely wasn’t you singing about how we’ve been waiting. While your “soul was bleeding” my ears were bleeding and why do we have to motivate you? I thought it was your mission to motivate us but I digress.

Are the thugs still motivated after listening to 103? I’m not so sure because I’m not a thug but if you’re one that likes an artist who lives by the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it motto” then you will appreciate 103. Everything he’s done before but not as good. We know you were in the trap, we know you have beef, we know you can afford nice things, we know you can pick some dope beats, we know you can make an epic strip club record, is there no depth outside of that? I expected growth since he has so much “ambition.” You aren’t still trapping, and I hope your life consists of more things than champagne every night and bad b*itches. As a genuine fan, I wanted Jeezy to take more chances. All of his albums have been feature heavy but why not collaborate with artists that aren’t so predictable.

Despite, there are some gems that will join the ranks of  “And Then What,” Trap Star,” “Go Crazy,” “Go Getta,” and “Put on” on my Best of Young Jeezy playlist. Soulful tracks like “I Do” featuring Jay-Z and Andre 3000 that give you that feeling that only a Jeezy record can give you. Other stand out tracks are: “Super Freak” featuring 2 Chainz, and “Leave You Alone” featuring Ne-Yo.

My favorite track might just be “All We Do.” Not a thug but I am a heavy appreciator of thug loving and although I don’t smoke, I can relate to everything in this song. I will add it to my “Stapleton Sex” playlist.

Based on the tracks above the snowman hasn’t melted but based on the entire album he’s not as cold as he used to be. Doesn’t mean he can’t recover but seeing as though this album took 2 years to make, I expected it to be a lot better. Doesn’t mean I don’t like the album, it’s actually pretty solid. Maybe my expectations for his ambition were too high. But like he so eloquently says on track 4 “If you made it from the bottom to the top like nothing, you don’t owe a n*gga, nothing.”

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