Video: Sh*t Black Girls Say
Posted by on Dec 18, 2011

As a person who can genuinely laugh at myself, I appreciate videos like the following, although some may be offended by it. If we can’t laugh at ourselves and what makes us who we are, then what type of life are we really living? Being uptight and easily offended never got anyone anywhere, so that is a warning if you are easily offended or can’t take a harmless stereotypical joke then don’t watch. If you are like myself, then you will watch this video over and over again laughing hysterically at all the words and/or phrases that you have said a time or two or three before. It has so many truths in it.

I’m dying laughing. Shout out to @MixtapeComedy for putting me on to this video. What did you think about it? Hit me in the comments!

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