Videos and Photos Preview: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011
Posted by on Nov 10, 2011

So jealous of my mother who was in attendance at the show yesterday, was in the front row and even said Jay-Z pointed at her. Yes Jay-Z!!! Maroon 5, Kanye West, and Nicki Minaj (taking Cee-lo’s spot) were announced weeks ago but it was a total surprise that “watching the throne” would be apart of the show.

Side bar: Adam Levine is so damn hot.

Nicki Minaj performed during the Pink part of the fashion show and her outfit looks like she puked up every color in the rainbow and wore it.

Check out more pics below.

The wings got a little smaller this year but the fun and flirty energy of the show was definitely on a million. Check out some behind the scenes with the sexy Tyson Beckford below.

The fashion show will air Tuesday, November 29th at 10/9c on CBS . If you can’t wait though someone swiped the Kanye West/Jay-Z performance. Check it out below.



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