Pariah movie is a must-see this holiday season
Posted by on Nov 30, 2011

I recently saw a preview screening of the 2007 Sundance Film Festival Award winning film Pariah that was original a short and has developed into a feature film starring Kim Wayans and Wendell Pierce (The Wire.) I know around the holidays movie-goers like to see films more light-hearted but this is definitely one that you are going to want to come out and support despite. It’s a drama about an academically achieved 17 year old, quietly but confidently embracing her identity as a lesbian.

I’ve never understood the lesbian lifestyle. So I went into the movie screening expecting to get a bigger understanding. I’ve always said if I ever decided to leave men alone, that I would be on the hunt to make Nia Long my girlfriend. You may laugh but I am dead serious. I never understood why if a woman is attracted to women why she would want a woman that looks like a man. Why then, not just be with a man? I digress. I hoped the movie would help me understand this notion though. That is not what it did. But it did give me another perspective on what is it to know yourself as a woman and the challenges of growing into yourself as a woman.

Amazing film about the depth, struggle, and challenges in finding yourself in a world where you are different and/or what you know you are as a person is being belittled as a phase, is more so the core of the movie using the lesbian lifestyle as an example. Whether you agree with the gay/lesbian lifestyle or not, this is a must see film that also touches on experimentation, religion, education, parenting, infidelity and many other issues that effect your life no matter what your race, sex, or sexual orientation.

Although it didn’t give me a bigger understanding about the lesbian lifestyle, it did provoke a reflective spirit within myself.

Check out the trailer below.

For more information about the movie go to The film will be released in select theaters on December 28th. Check them out below.

Theatre Chain | Name City State     Date Opens
ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood 14 & Dome
6360 West Sunset Blvd
  Hollywood CA 12/28/2011
Embarcadero Center Cinema 5
One Embarcadero Center
San Francisco   CA 12/28/2011
Sunshine Cinema 5
143 East Houston Street
New York NY 12/28/2011
Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center
144 West 65th Street
New York NY 12/28/2011
Hillcrest 5
3965 Fifth Avenue
San Diego CA 1/6/2012
E-Street Cinema 8
555 11th Street NW
Washington DC 1/6/2012
River East 21 ETX
322 East Illinois Street
Chicago IL 1/6/2012
Century Centre Cinema 7
Century Shopping Centre
2828 North Clarke Street
Chicago IL 1/6/2012
Kendall Square Cinema 9
1 Kendall Sq. Bldg. 1900
Cambridge MA 1/6/2012
Magnolia 5
3699 McKinney Avenue Bldg E
Dallas TX 1/6/2012
Harvard Exit Theatre 2
807 East Roy
Seattle WA 1/6/2012


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