Love & Hip Hop is back for season 2 with hilarious premiere episode
Posted by on Nov 12, 2011

Last night I attended the dinner/viewing for Love & Hip Hop season 2. A very cozy set up to say the least but as long as the food was good and the bubble courtesy of Bartenua Wines was flowing, we made it work.

After the explosive premiere episode, Mona Scott-Young was on hand as moderator and introduced cast members Chrissy, Jim Jones, Rich Dollaz and Olivia.

Jimmy was full of attitude per usual (why would you open your life up to the world, come to a media event, and get an attitude with every person that asks you a question is beyond me), and doing weird mess like stroking Chrissy’s weave ponytail the entire time. Black women do not let people play in our hair but Chrissy was pleasant and glowing and I see why.

Is there something in this picture that didn’t quite coincide with the ending of last season? Yes that is a huge rock on Chrissy’s finger. So it looks like Jimmy finally put a ring on it. They were hush hush on whether or not the return proposal (we all know she proposed to him last season so now they are both walking around with rings on but only engaged and not married.) Whatever works for your relationship though. Who am I to judge. But I’m sure the camera were rolling and I’m intrigued to see how that all went down. As you can see below. I enjoyed the episode.

To give you incentive to watch the premiere episode, as if you needed any anyway, Mama Jones is rapping (even though her voice sounds like something out of a truth commercial,” Somaya Reece needs to stop shopping in the junior’s section, and Chrissy is stomping. Definitely a premiere episode you don’t want to miss. Tune in Monday, November 14th at 9pm ET/PT on VH1. Check out more pics and the extended trailer below.


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