Who swam better, Frank Ocean or Bei Maejor?
Posted by on Sep 16, 2011

Jacking an artist’s song and making it your own is the way of the land in this new age of artists promoting themselves online. Sometimes it gets sickening how many people try to a cover a track. Prime example: Drake “Marvin’s Room.” What really makes things interesting is when the artist who jacks the song does a better job with it than the original artist. Jojo definitely outdid Drake in that regard.

This time around Bei Maejor is coming for Frank Ocean. Ocean recently released the video for “Swim Good,” the second single from his debut album Nostalgia, Ultra. Check it out below.

Soon thereafter Maejor released his version of the track on his latest mixtape MaejorMaejor. If that wasn’t enough he released his video for the track before Ocean released his. Check it out below.


I personally like Bei Maejor’s visual better but you be the judge. Hit me in the comments. Who swam better?

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    bei’s is better!

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