BET to launch new entertainment industry Web Series: 8 Days A Week
Posted by on Aug 14, 2011

Just when music industry reality shows have become beyond exhausting, BET swarms in with a new creatively scripted web series about six 20- somethings with a center around the entertainment business.

We’ve had the I Want To Work For Diddy and the many seasons of Project Runway, but what if there was a show that showed what Sean Combs’ mindset was like when he was first on the grind working at Uptown records. What if there was a show that really showed what it’s like to develop an artist and showcase his rise to the top. Or what it’s like trying to be a respected female dj or fashion designer.

Think a more urban version of HBO’s hit series Made in America and you have 8 Days A Week. It’s all about the hustle. I had a chance to preview the first 2 episodes of the new web series launching August 24 on and this is definitely one I will be tuned into every Wednesday thereafter.

Here’s a small breakdown of the characters: Blue Reynolds, played by Justin IROCC Williams is a young go-getter with aspirations to be a music mogul. He seems to be crushing on Jade Taylor, a struggling college student studying to be a doctor, played by Skye Townsend. If you know anything about Skye Townsend you know she is hilarious and although her character is serious about school and saving every child in the world, a little bit of Skye’s personality is most evident in Jade and you may even catch her popular impersonations in the mix from time to time.

Jade’s BFF is DJ Ill Mama played by Alex Lynn Ward will hopefully be spinning some of Blue’s artist J-Shine‘s records. Both Blue and J-Shine, played by Nicholas Green, are new to Los Angeles but their hometown and celebrity tattoo artist Tommy “Whiteboy” James, played by Justin Jacoby is there to show them the ropes in this new big city of dreams. All while spending plenty of time in a local coffee shop where Zoe Daniels, played by Skye P. Marshall works for now but has big dreams of being a fashion designer.

Check out the trailer below.

8 Days A Week premieres on Wednesday, August 24 at 8pm ET. Make sure you follow the official twitter @BET8DaysAweek.

*Cues* Jay-Z & Kanye West “Made In America” featuring Frank Ocean.

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