Love It or Lose It?
Posted by on Oct 3, 2011

The single greatest token of wisdom I have ever received is, “prior to making any major decision you should always consider the worst case scenerario.” (Shoutout to Mama B. Ware) Not that ma dukes was ever an advocate of drinking from the glass half empty, but with this single piece of advice, she changed the way I made decisions in my life.

So often we make choices without ever pausing to contemplate that things may not go our way. When standing at the fork in road…do you ever glance down the bumpy path and concede to the idea that this may be your trail to travel? The gift my mother gave was teaching me early that before blazing any trails, no moves should be made until your able to accept that your decision may leave you parched staring at an empty cup.

So, when it comes to the possibility of love, is heartache the worst case scenario? And if the answer is yes…is it worth it?

I once loved a man to the extent that his happiness meant more than my own. This resulted in my one and only, true heartache. Although, it’s ramifications were far reaching and long lasting, I had already accepted this was a possibility. The end result, I became a lover of love from a distance. After all, there’s safety in space.

So, Vixens let me ask you this:

Once you’ve taken the time to the time to consider your cup may not runneth over, is it truly better to have loved and lost…than to have never loved at all?



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    I believe it is better to have loved and lost because then you can appreciate the love you find in the future. It teaches you what you deserve, how you would like to be treated and how to treat others.

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    I think it is better to have loved and lost. Just don’t lose yourself! I have had my heart broken a couple of times. It does heal and you move on. I hope I never give up on the possibility of love. Someday I believe it will be worth the risk.

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    I think the experience of loving teaches you the good parts about it, and the experience of heartache teaches you what you don’t want out of a relationship. So, to answer the question, YES, it is better to have loved and lost. Not only that, but each heartache may hurt for a minute, but in the end it heals up and makes you stronger as an individual.

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    Most Def better to have experienced love rather than to have never loved at all. The key is to learn from the experience what went right and what went left and hope for a better outcome next go round.

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