LAMIK Beauty: Eco-Fabulous
Posted by on Aug 1, 2011

LAMIK Beauty Natural 2 N 1 PowderI recently had the pleasure to meet and mingle with Kim Roxie, Founder and Ceo of LAMIK (la-meek) Beauty, and it was nothing short of a “brow-raising” experience. LAMIK Beauty is the “first consumer focused eco-chic cosmetic brand” and with its creation, the make up game is forever changed.


“All make-up isn’t created equal”: Common ingredients found in make up products such as poly(iso)butene, paraben, talc, lead, and various fragrances are replaced with organic ingredients. LAMIK Beauty products are packed with items such as, green tea, avocado oil, cucumber, aloe vera , antioxidants and amino acids, offering  benefits far beyond just the beauty of your face. Roxie, a renowned beauty expert, believes you “shouldn’t sacrifice your health for beauty.”


“Beauty is revealed, not applied”: Roxie believes in more than simply selling a product or building a brand.  She explains, “The LAMIK Beauty brand is focused on beauty revelations, not make up applications. We walk our customers through the techniques that work best for them step by step and stand by our product.”  Vixens lucky enough to live near a LAMIK Beautique, currently in Atlanta, Houston and New Orleans, can visit one of these locations to get complete LAMIK Beauty experience. For those of us not so fortunate, you can still treat yourself via their website.

LAMIK Beauty healthy lipstick redesign program


Recycle. Re-use. Re-infuse.: Ladies, we all have a favorite shade of lipstick, but what’s a Vixen to do when that tube is tapped out and you’re down to the last pucker Send a sample of your favorite shade to LAMIK Beauty, and they’ll recreate the shade for you! Even better, they’ll do it without junk. Your same favorite shade, infused with healthy ingredients. Details here.

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