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The Male Mind
By | Posted Apr 18, 2012

Dr. Ian Smith appeared on The Wendy Williams Show yesterday to promote his new book The Truth About Men. It tells women about what men really think about them and […]

Man and Woman Couple
By | Posted Apr 17, 2012

Commitment is one word that men often don’t like to hear. Let’s be real, there are even some women whose nose turn up at the mention of it. Some people […]

By | Posted Apr 13, 2012

From UPTOWN–So ladies … here’s the scenario: You have been talking to a guy over the phone and through texts. The conversations are good and the attraction is there. He […]

By | Posted Apr 13, 2012

Kids are only half of the consideration that goes into choosing to date a man with children. For most women, dealing with the mother of those kids is the main […]

Khloe Lamar Odom
By | Posted Apr 9, 2012

When news broke that Lamar Odom chucking the deuces to the Dallas Mavericks, I immediately thought, “What will Khloe do?” Naturally, I feel for the youngest Dash sister; however, from […]

Immature Crush
By | Posted Apr 9, 2012

I’ll go ahead and admit it; I was the girl begging my mom to let me stay up until the end of Video Soul on BET, so I could see […]

By | Posted Apr 9, 2012

Unless you’re living under the cool shade of a rock, you’ve realized that the cold weather is breaking and making room for warm, sunny days. Spring and summer are approaching, […]

3 Important
By | Posted Apr 8, 2012

From Hello Beautiful – Nowadays the art of conversation is lost. Many of us stay tip toeing around our partners on egg shells.  When we get clues as to what the […]

13 Reasons
By | Posted Apr 8, 2012

From WWMD —  You already know, we’re about guiding all women through the Martian-centric minds of men. However, February comes with stiff requirements, and despite our habitual audacity we’re obedient lassies when […]

Long Distance
By | Posted Apr 7, 2012

Sometimes it’s torture being away from the one you love. Unfortunately, more often than I’d like, that is the case. Because my lifestyle calls for a lot of jet setting, […]

Beyonce and Jay-Z
By | Posted Apr 7, 2012

From WWMD – If you run in my circle from time to time you might hear me referred to as “Guerdonce”. We’re not going to delve into the reasons as […]

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