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drake rihanna
By | Posted Jun 11, 2012

In the beginning of May, the above lyric (delivered by Chris Brown) had the entire Internet going nuts. Many speculated that he was targeting on-and-off-again ex-girlfriend Rihanna, and rumors continued […]

By | Posted Jun 7, 2012

From WWMD – There’s something about mind f-cking. I’m sure many of my fellow ovary owners will cosign that this is a foreplay must-have. The mess-free lube you don’t have to pick […]

Chrissy Jim
By | Posted Jun 5, 2012

Do you remember towards the end of the second season of “Love & Hip-Hop” when Jim Jones finally popped the question to Chrissy? Sure; that’s all good and everything, but […]

ann arbor michigan
By | Posted Jun 4, 2012

There’s someone for everybody, but what if your future beau doesn’t live in your city? composed a list of the top 10 best cities for singles by factoring income, […]

By | Posted Jun 1, 2012

For the last week I have been frantically (and unsuccessfully) trying to clean and organize my life. As I went through the millionth bag of papers last night I found […]

Screen Shot 2012-06-01 at 12.05.20 PM
By | Posted Jun 1, 2012

Recently my friends and I have been trying to step out of the box when it comes to our search for Mr. Right. We’ve been opening ourselves up to new […]

By | Posted Jun 1, 2012

From @WWMDtv – By now many of you have been victimized by this 50 Shades of Grey madness— or what our insatiable leading male would probably edit as “kinky f-ckery.” Perhaps you’ve even […]

5 Points
By | Posted May 25, 2012

From WWMD – The end of a relationship marks the advancement of standards. The sore loser’s attempt at better sportsmanship: she pulls out “The Sh*t I Won’t Be Taking Anymore” list, […]

Lesson From Tameka
By | Posted May 23, 2012

From WWMD – Being in touch with your emotions is great. Being in touch with your emotional, wild mongoose of an ego is not so great. Many of us have a […]

7 Things
By | Posted May 18, 2012

From Uptown – Men think a lot, but share a little. Some things light, some things heavy. Whatever the case, you usually just get a portion of what’s on our minds. […]

Jennifer Lopez Casper
By | Posted May 17, 2012

It always seems that when you dive into any new relationship, time goes at warp speed. First you’re talking online, then texting, then talking on the phone, then going on […]

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