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To Wear or Not to Wear: Is it Mandatory That Your Spouse Wears a Wedding Ring?
By | Posted Jul 23, 2012

I grew up seeing the value and importance of marriage. Not in my own household, but definitely from the likes of family and friends. If I wanted to know whether […]

By | Posted Jul 20, 2012

I found myself caught in an unexpected moment of struggle commuting home Thursday evening. With Frank Ocean’s “Sweet Life” blaring through my headphones after a hard day’s work, the following […]

Businesswoman holding mobile phone
By | Posted Jul 18, 2012

So it’s been confirmed: your man is cheating. Tricking. Stepping out on you. After you snooped through his texts and uncovered his Facebook flirting, cracked his email address and hacked […]

Side Chick
By | Posted Jul 16, 2012

It starts with that grating feeling in the pit of your stomach, works its way up to the base of your neck, and shakes your intuition awake. Your man is […]

You Ain’t Nothing But a Vulture
By | Posted Jul 16, 2012

Every year millions of people scribe their resolutions on mental wax and profess to make lifelong changes, with the hope of spearheading this turn of events at the stroke of […]

3 Secrets From A Bush Loving Man #TeamHair
By | Posted Jul 16, 2012

Most guys aren’t going down unless she keeps the grass cut. Other men, or this man in particular, has mad love for the lawn and yawns in the face of […]

Chad Evelyn Johnson
By | Posted Jul 13, 2012

Everyone can appreciate a good love story. What’s better than watching your fave celebrity’s love life unfold before your eyes? Instagram pics and flirty tweets make our hearts flutter with […]

Side Pieces
By | Posted Jul 11, 2012

“I‘m not good enough to be on her arm,” one of my guy friends confessed over drinks not long ago. He looked distraught, as if his entire world had just […]

Dating and Dress Code
By | Posted Jul 11, 2012

It seems there’s no end to the demanding challenges that we juggle daily. We have to be at work at a certain time, we have to pick up the kids […]

Whip It Out
By | Posted Jul 10, 2012

From WWMD – As we’ve all learned from personal case studies, the “He Got Some Big Feet” Theory means… He got some big feet. Every now and then it means more, […]

By | Posted Jul 10, 2012

When I was growing up, the “Unofficial Woman’s Handbook” always spun the idea, that when it came to a woman’s virtue, the best bet would be to hold on to […]

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