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By | Posted Jul 26, 2012

Newlywed Meagan Good warns women not to settle in relationships in an interview with “It’s been pretty amazing. He is absolutely the most incredible thing that’s happened to me,” […]

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
By | Posted Jul 25, 2012

Disclaimer: Vixens, we’re sharing this post not in support of the reasons but to strictly show you what’s out there in the digital space. Sound off! From In Flex We […]

Things I’ll Never, Ever Do in a Relationship Again
By | Posted Jul 25, 2012

Denial, devastation, self-doubt. They’re three of the stages of recovery from the imploding of a relationship. Not the kind when you finally cut ties with your on-again, off-again, break-in-case-of-emergency jumpoff […]

The Breakdown Of The Breakup
By | Posted Jul 24, 2012

Remember the days when you met someone, you liked them for a while, maybe even loved them, went out on dates, had passionate sex and enjoyed life?  Remember when they […]

By | Posted Jul 23, 2012

Have you ever seen a guy that looks amazing, but you know something isn’t right? I see great looking men walking down the streets of New York all the time, […]

But He Works at Starbucks!
By | Posted Jul 23, 2012

“He’s really sweet and he makes me laugh,” I gushed to my girlfriend about a guy I met. “And he’s so cute, and he has the sexiest lips.” “Aww, I’m […]

To Wear or Not to Wear: Is it Mandatory That Your Spouse Wears a Wedding Ring?
By | Posted Jul 23, 2012

I grew up seeing the value and importance of marriage. Not in my own household, but definitely from the likes of family and friends. If I wanted to know whether […]

By | Posted Jul 20, 2012

I found myself caught in an unexpected moment of struggle commuting home Thursday evening. With Frank Ocean’s “Sweet Life” blaring through my headphones after a hard day’s work, the following […]

Businesswoman holding mobile phone
By | Posted Jul 18, 2012

So it’s been confirmed: your man is cheating. Tricking. Stepping out on you. After you snooped through his texts and uncovered his Facebook flirting, cracked his email address and hacked […]

Side Chick
By | Posted Jul 16, 2012

It starts with that grating feeling in the pit of your stomach, works its way up to the base of your neck, and shakes your intuition awake. Your man is […]

You Ain’t Nothing But a Vulture
By | Posted Jul 16, 2012

Every year millions of people scribe their resolutions on mental wax and profess to make lifelong changes, with the hope of spearheading this turn of events at the stroke of […]

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