By | Posted Jan 30, 2015

Love conquers all, right? It especially knows no color, nationality or race. A number of celebrity couples are interracial, proving that love in Hollywood is color blind. From Oscar-winning actreses, […]

oprah2 - Copy
By | Posted Jan 29, 2015

Today we celebrate the 61st birthday of one of the most influential and powerful African American woman of our time. This media powerhouse arose from humble beginnings in the south […]

Brandy and Kelly Rowland
By | Posted Jan 26, 2015

Every woman needs that one best friend who is there at the drop of a dime, checks you when you’re wrong, inspires you and supports you. A friend is a sister […]

By | Posted Jan 23, 2015

There comes a time in every Vixen’s life when she must back away from the cranberry and vodka, and enter into the more sophisticated realm of happy hour. Not everyone […]

woman practicing yoga
By | Posted Jan 21, 2015

We can’t help the fact that sometimes our bodies suffer aches and pains. We also can’t help the fact we aren’t perfect, and that our bodies react negatively when we […]

Girl on laptop - rotator
By | Posted Jan 20, 2015

Life is expensive, and sometimes those expenses spring up out of nowhere. Maybe you’re late on a bill or maybe your significant other’s birthday is coming soon and you need a few […]

By | Posted Jan 19, 2015

Long live the turn up. After a much needed ladies night after a long, stressful work week, margaritas and cocktails are usually on deck. But what’s unwelcoming about a night of fun […]

10 Martin Luther King Jr. Inspirational Quotes
By | Posted Jan 19, 2015

The timely release of the film Selma gave us a glimpse into the heart and peace-of-mind Dr. Martin Luther King had while leading the civil rights movement. His strategies and tactics of non-violence in situations of hatred were enough […]

10 Superfoods To Help You Shed Those Holiday Pounds
By | Posted Jan 19, 2015

Did the holidays get the best of you? Need a boost in changing your diet to drop a few of those extra pounds you put on. Don’t worry! There are […]

6 Vacation Spots That Won't Break The Bank
By | Posted Jan 19, 2015

If you work extremely hard, you know what it’s like to need a vacation. You know that it’s time to travel, see the world and leave work alone for at […]

Kendall Jenner Pens 'I Grew Up Too Fast' In New Wall Street Jornal Column
By | Posted Jan 19, 2015

Model and reality TV star, Kendall Jenner pens an open column discussing her early years. The Wall Street Journal gathered six “luminaries” to weigh in on the topic of “Youth”. The […]

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