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Erica Campbell Digital Dish
By | Posted Mar 31, 2014

It’s hard to imagine Erica Campbell without her sister Tina, but the gospel powerhouse has bravely stepped outside of Mary Mary to pursue solo stardom with her debut album Help. […]

Kyla Pratt
By | Posted Mar 28, 2014

Kyla Pratt has made the tricky transition from childhood star to business-savvy actress—a rarity in hallowed Hollywood Hills. In addition to starring on BET hit Let’s Stay Together, the former Proud […]

Dondria Digital Dish7
By | Posted Mar 27, 2014

Despite landing a So So Def record deal before her 21st birthday, YouTube sensation Dondria (Ms. Phatfffat) recently took a break from stardom to find herself, mature and return to […]

Shanola Hampton-4
By | Posted Mar 19, 2014

Showtime’s Shameless tells the story of a maladjusted clan that make dysfunctional  predecessors like the Simpsons or the Bundy’s look like the Brady’s. Now it in fifth’s season, we’re finally […]

VIBE-Vixen-EM Jai
By | Posted Mar 18, 2014

Flip the page to check out some of her music.

By | Posted Mar 18, 2014

If House of Cards and The Office were to have a baby, it would probably spawn HBO’s political satire Veep. The critically acclaimed comedy series follows a female Vice President–played […]

Erica Hubbard Let's Stay Together
By | Posted Mar 14, 2014

After making her film debut as KeKe Palmer’s older sister in Akeelah and the Bee and playing a teenager Lincoln Heights, Erica Hubbard has finally found a fictional home on […]

katlynn simone feature
By | Posted Mar 14, 2014

Thanks to social networks, you can know everything about your favorite celebrities without ever meeting them.  However, while some of your famous friends live for the drama and TMZ coverage, […]

vibe-vixen-Keke Palmer Attends TLC Movie Premiere-carousel
By | Posted Mar 14, 2014

At 20 years old, Keke Palmer doesn’t exhibit the kind of behavior TMZ would gobble up. Thanks to a tireless work ethic, a hardworking momager and enough star power to grab FaceTime on […]

'Blackbird' film
By | Posted Mar 12, 2014

The life of a triple threat entertainer is paved with more roadblocks than you think—just ask D. Woods. We know her as 1/5 of Diddy’s handpicked girl group Danity Kane, […]

Carmen Electra
By | Posted Mar 10, 2014

If a tangible fountain of youth actually exists, Carmen Electra has to know where it is. At 41 years old, she’s not only somehow curved the aging process, but continued […]

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