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#WCW: 27 Women Crushes We All Have
Aug 27, 2014
wcw women crushes

Wednesday has become one of the most celebrated days of the week on the Internet. Not only is it hump day (cue overly excited camel), but for anyone with a […]

Vixen Chat: Tanaya Henry Opens Up About Lace by Tanaya, Clears Trey Songz Dating Rumors
Jun 28, 2013
Tanaya Henry

“Its crazy to see how much one person can really do on their own if they’re passionate.” —Tanaya Henry. Crazy indeed. Tanaya Henry is a model and actress that proves […]

20 Songs That Should Definitely Be on Your Wedding Playlist
Jun 11, 2013
wedding playlist

As summer quickly approaches, so too does the season of weddings. The weather gets warmer, the church bells get louder and the vows get sweeter. Everyone from Brad and Angelina […]

20 Best Pick-Up Lines in Hip-Hop and R&B Songs
Jun 6, 2013
Beyonce and Jay-Z

We’ve all heard them. Those lame pick-up lines from dudes with absolutely no game. Whether it’s “hey, baby what’s your sign” or “shawty, what ya name is,” guys have proven […]

The Ultimate Summer Playlist
Jun 5, 2013
Summer Playlist

The sun is out, the clothes are scarce and the possibilities for adventure are endless as you plan for summer nights that you likely won’t remember with the people that […]

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