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Battered NFL CoverGirl Image Goes Viral
Sep 18, 2014
battered NFL covergirl image

The entire NFL is in the hot seat right now. After the domestic violence video between Ray Rice and his then-fiancee Janay hit the fan, all things related to the […]

Uh Oh: Did Beyonce Photoshop Her Latest Bikini Pictures?
Sep 18, 2014
beyonce photoshop bikini pictures

Another day, another Beyonce conspiracy theory. This time, instead of baby #2 rumors, it’s a possible Beyonce Photoshop mishap. A few days ago, Bey took to her Tumblr to post […]

Kerry Washington Speaks Out on Financial Abuse [Video]
Sep 18, 2014
kerry washington financial abuse

  The topic of domestic violence has been under a strong spotlight in the news lately, but what about financial abuse? Kerry Washington wants to make sure that another stress on […]

Russell Simmons Writes About Not Imagining His Daughters in Prison
Sep 18, 2014
daughters in prison

No parent wants to see their children locked away behind bars. Russell Simmons is no exception to the rule. The hip hop figurehead never imagined his daughters in prison. During […]

Doctor Allegedly Took Selfie with Joan Rivers Before Her Heart Attack
Sep 18, 2014
joan rivers selfie

This generation’s fixation with social media has even made its way to the most serious of medical institutions. Seconds before late comedienne Joan Rivers suffered a cardiac arrest (which ultimately […]

Nas’ ‘Illmatic’ Doc Will Screen Across The U.S. For 1 Night Only
Sep 15, 2014

  Nas just turned 41 but the party don’t stop. His Time Is Illmatic documentary—which made its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival in April on the heels of the namesake album’s 20th anniversary—will be coming to […]

Team USA’s Basketball Team Shmoney Dances After Winning 2014 FIBA World Cup
Sep 15, 2014
team usa shmoney dance

After running through Sibera yesterday (129-92) to take the 2014 FIBA World Cup,Team USA will bring home the coveted gold plaque piece. And, since hip-hop is an American born genre, what […]

Opinion: Sam Smith and The Myth of Blue-Eyed Soul
Sep 15, 2014
sam smith blue eyed soul

Anyone who buys into the idea that white artists blue-eyed soul are being more true to soul are being willfully obtuse Whenever people argue “If Black artists learn to stand […]

Teyana Taylor Channels Catwoman for Her ‘VII’ Album Artwork
Sep 12, 2014

After years of patient waiting, Teyana Taylor fans will finally getting a musical body of work from her in just a few short months. Her VII LP is slated for […]

Little Girl Disappointed After Meeting President Obama Because He Wasn’t Beyonce
Sep 12, 2014

Being the president means you can’t please everyone. Barack Obama was reminded of this harsh truth during a 9/11 service project he and First Lady Michelle Obama participated in at […]

Remember Musiq Soulchild? He’s Rapper The Husel Now
Sep 12, 2014
musiq soulchild the husel

Remember the days of “Love,” “Halfcrazy,” “Don’t Change” and “B.U.D.D.Y.”? Well say goodbye to them, as the talented crooner behind them has decided to switch lanes. Taalib Johnson, the man […]

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