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VH1 Says TLC Biopic Was a “Fictionalized Portrayal”
Nov 17, 2013
vibevixen-Crazy, Sexy, Cool- The Style Evolution of TLC-carousel

With all the backlash the TLC biopic received, VH1 is no longer claiming the film was a correct portrayal. While fans were cheering for the cast and network for this […]

R Kelly and Lady Gaga Give Awkward Performance on SNL
Nov 17, 2013
R. Kelly and Lady Gaga

There are various reasons why R. Kelly and Lady Gaga collabs are unpredictably scary, and last night (November 16) on Saturday Night Live they added another notch on the list. […]

Funniest Meme’s From Last Night’s Scandal
Nov 15, 2013

If only Scandal started with the warning: “the possibility for a heart attack is extremely high” we’d at least we know what we’re up again. After a few episodes of […]

HeeSun Lee ft. MC Jin “I Break Stereotypes” [Video]
Nov 15, 2013
HeeSun Lee

If you haven’t heard of femcee HeeSun Lee than get prepared for a quick introduction with her newest song “I Break Stereotypes”. The third single off her pending sophomore album, “Stereotypes” features […]

Vixen Next Artist: Nyemiah Supreme
Nov 15, 2013
Nyemiah Supreme1

Name: Nyemiah Supreme Twitter: NyemiahSupreme Instagram: NyemiahSupreme Stage Name: Nyemiah is my real name. My actual first rap name was ‘Supreme’ which means the highest in authority; but, the name Supreme in […]

What You May Not Know About The Cast of Scandal
Nov 14, 2013
Scandal Feature

It’s Thursday so that means it’s time to suit up for Scandal. Shonda Rhimes found the perfect cast when she put these group of talented actors together. The on-screen chemistry they […]

Melissa De Sousa on ‘Best Man Holiday’: This Movie is Resetting The Bar—It’s Not Always Some Ghetto Ass Story
Nov 14, 2013
Melissa De Sousa

Best Man Holiday is finally here and worth the 14 years wait. Every character—good or bad—takes you through a world wind of emotions. One in particular is Shelby, Julian’s ex […]

Celebs With The Craziest Demands
Nov 14, 2013
Mary J Blige and Madonna

We’ve all had crazy demands in the past–especially in you’ve worked in the service industry–but celebrity requests take crazy to another level. There’s much that happens behind the glitz and glams with […]

Vixen Chat: Christina Milian Talks DWTS Elimination, Business Ventures, and Engagement
Nov 13, 2013
Christina Milian

Christina Milian has transformed her career into a ball of acting, hosting, ballroom dancing, and business ownership. Coming off of an upsetting elimination from Dancing With The Stars, this mom hasn’t missed a […]

Jesus Take The Wheel: Violent Game Takes More Victims
Nov 13, 2013
Knockout Game

What’s worst than violent crimes? Violent crimes used as children’s means of fun. Nowadays the popular game is  ’knockout’ and participants choose a random target to hit.  ”You knock ‘em […]

10 Hottest NBA Rookies of The 2013-2014 Season
Nov 11, 2013
Tim Hardaway

Most vixens love basketball because unlike football, we can actually see what the players look like. Sure it’s not the only reason, but it’s definitely our favorite. We don’t know how […]

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