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Vixen Inspiration: Discover the Greatness in You
May 4, 2013
Vibe Vixen Woman waking Up

“There’s a slot in world history for each of us either as a world changer or someone who watched the world change. Choose today.” That’s a quote I share whenever […]

Vixen Inspiration: Balance is the Key to Life
Apr 26, 2013
African American Woman Doing Yoga (Jimmy Williams)

(Photo Credit: Jimmy Williams) If I were to ask you to define success I’m most certain I’d receive different definitions. That’s because there are many types of success: financial, spiritual, […]

Vixen Inspiration: Motivation Vs. Inspiration
Apr 19, 2013
woman smiling

As a life coach, I’m constantly around those looking for motivation. Little do they know, motivation is momentary. It’s really inspiration and purpose they are seeking. Research tell us a […]

Vixen Inspiration: Stand Firm in the Midst of Tribulations
Apr 12, 2013
Stand Out

Good day Vixens. How does you overcome the torrents of life or prevent yourself from being swept into the whirlwind of the past? It’s easy to become victimized and allow […]

Vixen Inspiration: The Necessity of Vulnerability
Apr 5, 2013
Vibe Vixen Woman Opening Shades

Spring is here and you should be preparing your mind and heart for a new beginning. Many women I’ve coached seem to lose the spark in their lives. The vibrancy […]

Vixen Inspiration: How to Communicate With Your Man
Mar 22, 2013
Woman Man Talking

Many women I’ve coached have asked these questions: How do I communicate with my man, or how can I get him to express his emotions or feelings? The communication barrier […]

Vixen Inspiration: Know Exactly What You Want
Mar 15, 2013
Woman Planning

Vixens, do you know what you want out of life? If someone asked that question would you be able to articulate your wants and desires? So many of us have […]

Vixen Inspiration: Making Choices
Mar 8, 2013
Black Woman Thinking

The right to make choices is one of Gods greatest gifts to us, but it often feels like a curse. The truth is, you always have the option to choose. […]

Vixen Inspiration: The Key to Success
Mar 1, 2013
smiling-black woman

Vixens, Have you ever felt like those around you are excelling at their dreams faster than you? Do you think everyone is succeeding except you? Well, I have some good […]

Vixen Inspiration: Dig Deeper
Feb 25, 2013
Black Woman looking in mirror

Vixens, Life is a constant journey of discovering who we are and our purpose in life. You may know a lot about yourself at this point, but as you continue […]

Vixen Inspiration: Happiness is a Choice
Feb 16, 2013
happy black woman

Vixens! Great day to you. Mary J. Blige hit the nail on the head when she wrote and sang the anthem “Be Happy”. At the end of the day that’s […]

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