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Vixen Inspiration: Develop Lasting Relationships
Aug 2, 2013

Most of us see a smile and equate it with happiness. Others see rippling muscles as a sign of great physical health. Both are assumptions. We live in a time […]

Vixen Inspiration: Mentoring is The Best Way to Give Back
Jul 24, 2013
Moving With Michelle

I know you’ve heard the phrase “give back” numerous times. But what exactly does it mean? There are many ways of giving back—financial, volunteering and donations—but the one most over […]

Vixen Inspiration: Respond to Troubles With Positivity
Jul 5, 2013
Black Woman with friend

Situations and circumstances beyond our control happen all the time, but what IS in our control is our response. Too often we (myself included) react to situations and find ourselves […]

Vixen Inspiration: To Thine Own Self Be True
Jun 28, 2013
Relaxed Hair Woman

Have you ever found yourself in the position of trying to fit into a particular group? So many of us compromise who we are just to fit into a popular […]

Vixen Inspiration: Define Your Offline Life
Jun 21, 2013
African American Woman Doing Yoga (Jimmy Williams)

The advent of social media is arguably one of the most revolutionary discoveries of the 21st Century. It has changed the landscape of communication, relationships and commerce. It’s a great […]

Vixen Inspiration: Stay in Your Lane
Jun 14, 2013
stay in your lane logo

Have you heard the phrase, “Stay in your Lane”? If you haven’t, let me explain. It means to focus on your life and accept all that comes with it. Moreover, […]

Vixen Inspiration: Are You Fresh for the Picking?
Jun 7, 2013

Sometimes I get really anxious about life. I tend to rush and try to make things happen because I have a personal timetable I must adhere to. Too often, we […]

Vixen Inspiration: Take Ownership
May 31, 2013
professional black woman

At some point in our lives everyone will experience sorrow and tragedy. The reality is, if we live long enough we will experience hardship, calamity and pain. But we shouldn’t […]

Vixen Inspiration: What’s Your Motto?
May 24, 2013
happy black woman

If someone asked you what’s the slogan you live by, could you answer it? It’s important to have a life motto because our lives are governed by our thought process. […]

Vixen Inspiration: Become a Champion
May 22, 2013
black woman at computer

Coaching has afforded me to meet individuals from different walks of life and I’m proud to say that all my clients are champions. What about your life? Are you a […]

Vixen Inspiration: Be Content
May 10, 2013
Black Woman with friend

Vixens, have you found contentment? Have you grown to a place where you’ve said, “If nothing else happens, I’ll still be okay?” Many look at contentment as complacence, but really […]

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