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Tips for Styling Natural Hair with a Flat Iron
May 3, 2012
Flat Iron

Do not fear the heat, ladies. The flat iron doesn’t equal instant heat damage. Well, if you know how to prep your hair and use the heating tool properly. If […]

Designer to Watch: Stevie Boi
May 2, 2012
Stevie Boi

Back in 2007, Stevie Boi created his first clothing line, Toxic. The concept of creating clothing was something he wanted to put on the back-burner in order to pursue a […]

Designer to Watch: Maki Oh
Apr 27, 2012
Designer to Watch: Maki Oh

Amaka Osakwe, a Nigerian fashion designer, is one name you should get used to hearing in the evolving fashion industry. Ms. Osakwe is the creator of the African fashion brand, […]

Fashion Essentials for Rainy Days
Apr 17, 2012

When spring is in the air, we all want to ditch our coats and jackets to show off our outfits. Spring doesn’t always mean sunny skies. Rainy days will be […]

Designer to Watch: Nneka Saran
Apr 17, 2012
Designer to Watch: Nneka Saran

Nneka Saran Mosley has always had an urge to be creative thanks to a sewing machine that her parents gave her as a child. After almost ten years in working […]

How to Prevent Split Ends and Knots
Apr 14, 2012
Black Woman Hair

We all have experience seeing little pieces of hair on our bedroom or bathroom floor, after spending a few hours detangling our hair. Many of us wonder if there is […]

Designer to Watch: Jewel by Lisa
Apr 6, 2012
vibevixen-Jewel By Lisa12

Jewel by Lisa is the Africa-based fashion line designed by Lisa Folawiyo and her team of talented craftsmen. Since 2005, Lisa has been a key player in the African fashion […]

Would You Rock Pajamas Outside the House?
Apr 4, 2012
vibevixen-rihanna pajama battleship

I know what you are thinking, “How can I look chic a pair of pajamas?” Ladies, you can wear a bedtime two-piece set easily outside the home with a glamorous […]

Tips to Getting a Healthy Scalp
Apr 3, 2012
Healthy Scalp

Who doesn’t want to have gorgeous looking hair? If you want your hair to look and feel good, it all starts with the way you take care of your scalp. […]

Five Personal Style Bloggers We Love!
Mar 29, 2012

You can’t go web surfing without coming across a unique fashion blog. There are various types of fashion blogs including fashion news, street style, and do it yourself. However, the […]

Ways To Save A Bad Hair Day
Mar 9, 2012
Bad Hair Day Vibe-Vixen

Once in a while, we all experience a bad hair day. A bad hair day can occur because you simply do not feel like doing your hair, you try a […]

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