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7 Things We Learned From Wiz Khalifa’s Breakfast Club Interview [Video]
Jun 6, 2014
Wiz Khalifa

We all know that Wiz Khalifa is always high as a kite, but on his Breakfast Club interview today we learned that everyone he surrounds himself with gets high as […]

Selfie Spotlight: Skylar Diggins’ Boyfriend Shows Off to Drake
Jun 6, 2014
skylar diggins and boyfriend

  Considering that Drake’s last Skylar Diggin’s post was seven days ago, maybe he got the message from the baller babes’ boyfriend to stop posting pics of his lady. This […]

Skylar Diggins Poses in Bikinis for ‘Essence’ Spread
Jun 5, 2014

Skylar Diggins has changed the sexist stereotypes for female athletes across the globe. With great stats and an even greater bod, the 5’9 baller put her kicks to rest and […]

Racist Woman Calls Black Man N-word on Camera
Jun 5, 2014
Racist woman

Racist rants are clearly the new buzz in the social media world. After Donald Sterling’s offensive remarks about black people and Justin Bieber’s recent exposure of him dropping the N-bomb, […]

Will Smith to Star in NFL Film
Jun 5, 2014
Will Smith attends a press conference for 'Focus' in Buenos Aires

The secret of NFL injuries is out and Will Smith will be the star to tackle the truth. Variety reports that the Fresh Prince vet will be starring in a […]

Vanessa Simmons to Host New Fashion Series
Jun 5, 2014

Angela Simmons isn’t the only Simmon’s girl with style and fashion expertise. New mommy Vanessa Simmons recently landed a gig to host a fashion competition show on Lifetime called Threads. […]

Hip Hop’s Best and Worst Fashion Moments
Jun 4, 2014

Hip hop has graced the music industry with a culture that is both innovative and unforgettable, and we have several iconic celebs to thank for it. Fashion has always played […]

Celebrity Beefs Resurrected
Jun 4, 2014
common and drake

These days, celebrity beef is the only thing that is omnipresent in the hip hop world. Witnessing these rap rivalries play out—on World Star or social media—can be entertaining and […]

T.I Says Beef With Mayweather is Over
Jun 3, 2014
floyd and t.i

T.I’s unfiltered life is getting better with age as the rapper is putting his young, hotheaded ways to rest. The Atlanta-native says that his beef with Floyd Mayweather is over […]

Kanye West Gives Kim K Topless Portrait
Jun 3, 2014
kim kardashian and kanye west

  Kanye West is the master of abstract gift ideas, so fellas take notes. This year, Yeezus has been going on a frenzy with innovative gift giving to his new […]

French Montana + Khloe Kardashian? [Photos]
Jun 3, 2014
french and khloe

French Montana and Khloe Kardashian’s relationship is beginning to get more and more suspicious—and yes, that’s a gun. Yesterday (June 2), Khloe posted a Bonnie and Clyde inspired photo with the […]

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