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Andre 3000 Stars in Jimi Hendrix Biopic [Video]
Jul 4, 2014
Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix in 'All Is By My Side'

Guitarist and legend Jimi Hendrix is finally being honored in a biopic entitled Jimi: All Is By My Side and the choice for his leading role is a perfect match. […]

The Dream Gets Engaged and Married Again
Jul 4, 2014

The Dream gets gngaged and married again. No seriously! Love is definitely in the air this Fourth of July and it’s stemming from the famed singer/songwriter. In the midst of new […]

Mya Clears Up Jay Z Relationship Rumors
Jul 4, 2014

There have been speculations of Mya and Jay Z’s affair for quite some time now and yesterday the rumors went viral on the Internet, shaming the two old friends’ names. […]

2014 Summer Concert and Festival Guide
Jul 4, 2014
on the run tour

Although concerts are annoying, sweaty and messy, they are also life changing and exhilarating. We all know that the number one summer tour in the works right now is Beyoncé […]

15 Flawless Summer Selfies on Instagram
Jul 3, 2014

Since when did selfies become the latest pop culture craze? The Oscars made its selfie debut in March and it seems like ever since then, everyone wants to pause and […]

7 Ways to Get a Man in 7 Days
Jul 3, 2014

Society teaches us that women are not supposed to approach men, but it’s 2014 and it’s about time that we drop that stigma. Men aren’t always up front about approaching […]

Selfie Spotlight: Beyonce and Blue Ivy Get Matching Mani’s
Jul 3, 2014
beyonce and blue

Beyonce may not do Blue Ivy’s hair, but she makes sure her nail game is up. Yesterday (July 2), King Bey took a break from touring to show off her […]

Vixen Exclusive: Curly Girl Collective’s Curl Fest
Jul 1, 2014

  On Sunday (June 22), Curl Fest, a remarkable and festive event had countless fly ‘fros flocking to Prospect Park in Brooklyn. called Curl Fest. The ingenious initiative was started […]

Sherri Shepherd Leaves ‘The View’
Jun 27, 2014
sherri shepherd

After seven long years on The View, Sherri Shepherd is packing her designer handbag and calling it quits. The actress/TV host originally joined The View as a guest co-host in 2007 and it didn’t […]

French Montana Surprises Khloe With Pricey Bday Gift
Jun 27, 2014

Happy 30th Birthday, Khloe! It’s a special day for one of the Kardashian sisters and it looks like Kim isn’t the only one with a proverbial prince charming in her life. […]

The Carter’s Reveal Wedding Footage During ‘On The Run’ Tour
Jun 27, 2014
Jay Z and Beyonce joint album

Time to ready the rice and prepare to witness the wedding we’ve been waiting for. We’ve finally been granted access to classified footage of Jay-Bey’s  monumental matrimony. The dynamic couple just […]

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